The last couple of weeks have been amazing for me. We met our baby daughter Mina, and I finally got this venture off the ground!

It's been a tiring time (as anyone who's done the parenting thing will know). However, we've got two establishments now selling Fan Ales. One is The Falcon in Kirkby, the other is The Borehole in Stone.

The Falcon is selling Everton and Liverpool inspired Lagers and Pale Ales and The Borehole has Stoke inspired Lagers, Pale Ales and Dark Beers in our gift packs of three.

That feeling of finally getting a product launched is incredible, only to be topped by witnessing the birth of my first child. I just wanted to say take this opportunity to thank you for your interest so far, things are going well and hopefully, we'll be adding more retailers to the list shortly.

In the meantime, remember to get in contact if you'd like to stock or purchase Fan Ales - we can't wait to hear from you.

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