Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Sometimes, as a football fan, another team does something and even though they're not *your* team, the occasion captures your emotions and it feels like it was your own.

I think for most of us who were over the age of about seven in 1999, United winning the treble was one of these moments. People also cite Liverpool in Istanbul and Martin Tyler screaming Aguerooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, but that evening at the Nou Camp was something else.

For those who don't know, United came from behind and Solskjaer scored the winner against Munich in the VERY last minute. He said in an interview with The Times back in 2008 that he frequently gets United fans telling him it was the best night of their lives, with many placing it above their own wedding or the birth of their first child.

So, via our Facebook, we decided to ask what memories United fans had of that infamous evening.

Stephen Lukoschek said he remembers leaving the pub five minutes before the end of the match because he was angry at United throwing away a European Cup; "I thought we'd lost, only to wake up the next day and watch the news to realise we won! No mobiles back in them days to check [the score]."

At one-nil down with around five minutes remaining, and after Munich had hit the bar, United won a corner just as the fourth official indicated three minutes of injury time. Peter Schmeichel ventured up to Bayern's penalty area...

Beckham beautifully dropped the ball into the box for Dwight Yorke to put it back towards a crowded area, Thorsten Fink failed to clear his lines and Ryan Giggs popped up and hit a poor shot across goal. It fell straight to Sheringham who stuck out a peg and nestled the ball in the bottom corner of the net. United had forced extra time.

"I was screaming at the telly. With every kick, every miss-placed pass, I was comparing us to QPR", said Jon Dell.

"I started to get the feeling that it was all lost, then the faintest of hopes and the scruffiest of goals put us right back in it", he added.

Less than 30 seconds after the game had restarted, United blagged another corner and Munich were starting to crumble. Golden balls again swung it in, this time finding the head of Sheringham, who nodded the ball down across the face of goal.

Richard Burnand, who was watching in the pub, said "I was cheering like F**K, jumping up and down when it became 1-1. I remember Beckham taking the corner for the second and thinking this could actually happen, and boom! The second goal came and I went crazy".

Solskjær reacted fastest, as the ball flashed out in front of him and he poked it into the roof of the net. The crowd went ballistic and Ole, not knowing quite what to do, celebrated by sliding on his knees before quickly being mobbed by his United comrades.

Karl Fulcher added "I just cried. I only ever cried more when my son was born!"

Rumour has it Bayern Munich ribbons had already been secured to the trophy itself in preparation for the presentation ceremony, but United had other ideas!

It's times like this that remind us why we all follow the game that we do. There really is nothing else like it. Oh what a night indeed.

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