Mixing things up...

After recent conversations with our supplier, we've decided to offer more than just lager. As you may be aware, we're working with Lymestone Brewery and they produce some of the finest ales in the land. So although the desire to keep things simple is appealing - we've figured the opportunity to offer more diversity is a better option!

Moving forward, when you buy a pack of Fan Ales, you'll get a lager, pale ale and dark beer. Each bottle comes with its own personality, the lager is fresh and light, the pale ale is a well-balanced combination of malts and hops, and the chewy, juicy fruit flavours of the dark beer make it incredibly unique.

As we said on social media last week, we're very, very close to launching so you'll be able to get your hands on Liverpool, Everton or Stoke City inspired bottles within the time it takes to leather a football. Ave' it.

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